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 Application for staff. BETA!

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PostSubject: Application for staff. BETA!   Tue Jan 22, 2008 5:03 am

Please understand, we are NOT accepting ANY staff for the little while due to the fact that we don't have many members as is...
We have 11-12 at this point.
But we DO have the application ready...
Tell me what ya think, Staff. IN THE STAFF SECTION.

Kingy wrote: Application Form for Staff

*Real name: (First name will do)


Why do you want staff?

What kind of experience do you have on forums?

Have you ever moderated a forum? If so, provide links.

Have you ever administrated a forum? If so, provide links.

Have you ever been banned from a forum? If so, why?

How well do you think you interact with the other members?

If you become a Moderator, what are your goals?

Why do you think we should make you a staff?

What special skills could you add to our staff?

*Do you have experience with hacking?

*How many hours do you think your are on the forum everyday?

Can you use HTML?

*Anything else:

Edit by Orange:

KG, you idiot, you repeated a question. *takes it out*

Brought back...

in 2008!

Just take your crap and leave
'Cause when all is left undone,
and all is said and done,
There is none.
Nothing left for you here.
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Application for staff. BETA!
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