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 Rules for the Movies & Media Section

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PostSubject: Rules for the Movies & Media Section   Tue Jan 22, 2008 5:40 am

1)The general rules apply here too, so be sure to read them before these ones.

2) In this section itīs NOT allowed to talk about piracy or illegally downloading music or videos (Nor anywhere else on the forum), no download links, donīt ask for it, and no dowloading from Youtube, only direct links TO Youtube.

3) If you canīt accept another personīs oppinion, discuss it in a polite way, donīt start flaming and insulting him/her because it will be closed in a heartbeat.

4) Donīt make a topic saying "ZOMG, This artist is the best EVAR", explain why and do it in a polite/mature way (Example: "This artist is very good because..."), the same applies for normal posting and Movies, shows, etc.

Have a good day ^_^.

The staff~
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Rules for the Movies & Media Section
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