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 Rules for the News Section

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PostSubject: Rules for the News Section   Wed Jan 23, 2008 1:29 am

Basic rules for this section. Please follow them when/if we ever get any news. xD

- No spam posts. Honestly, please stay on topic.

- If you find something you believe is newsworthy, PM it to an Admin or mod. Do not post a thread here.

- If you see something false or inconsistant in a thread, tell an admin or mod via PM, don't post saying "ZOMG U R RONG THAT SORCE IZ BOGUS DDDDD=". Expect all posts like this to be deleted.

- General rules of the forum still apply here.

- Only post if you have something valid to add to the discussion. Yes, this even counts posts such as. "That's so cool. Thanks for posting." Please give at least an explanation or something of that sort, because saying obvious and small things like that is just a small and sometimes unintentional way of postwhorage.

-Try and become slightly informed on the topic before you form an opinon. Please, if you're presenting something as true but you're not sure that it is true, it is best not to post it at all. Not true and fake news or facts about news that has been posted is bad, m'kay?

More rules will be added as the moderating team sees fit.


~CrusaderHideaway staff.
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Rules for the News Section
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