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 The happenings so far...

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PostSubject: The happenings so far...   Sat Jan 26, 2008 4:46 pm

In this thread, I shall post what's happened in the time the site has been alive.

Jan 18/08 Site made 8DDDDD
Jan 19/08 I actually found out how to make all the forums and stuff ._.;;
Jan 20/08 Forums made and created 8D
Jan 21/08 We made a record of people online: 7
Jan 22/08 Test account made: "swordser2" (I think next time, I'll use a BETTER target xD)

And that's it so far... What a Face

Brought back...

in 2008!

Just take your crap and leave
'Cause when all is left undone,
and all is said and done,
There is none.
Nothing left for you here.
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The happenings so far...
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