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 Rules for the Video Games Section

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PostSubject: Rules for the Video Games Section   Mon Feb 04, 2008 1:51 am

Rules for the Video Games Section-

- Please don't spam. Spamming here includes off topic posts or short
posts such as "I liked that game." Don't. If you're considering posting
something like that, at least try to explain why you like it, your
favorite character, SOMETHING. Just not that.

- At least 6 words per post. If you can't scrape up 6 words, you shouldn't post.

- If you're unsure of what section to put your topic in, look it up
before posting it. The mods shouldn't have to look it up so it is in
the right section for you, that's your job.

- Break these rules 5 times, you get a warning. 3 warnings, you get a ban.

- This isn't a problem at the moment, but it may be in the future once
there are more members and topics: The search function is there for a
reason. If you're thinking of making a new topic about something,
search for it first, it may already exist.

- No flaming or unneccesary insulting.

More rules will be added as problems occur and the staff sees fit.

CH staff
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Rules for the Video Games Section
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