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A simple forum where you can safely talk about video games and get away from that thing called reality :3
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 Basic Rules

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Basic Rules Empty
PostSubject: Basic Rules   Basic Rules EmptySun Jan 20, 2008 7:31 am

Okay, so, here are a few simple rules to follow whilst you surf my site.

1. Do NOT flame or start a flame war. Doing so, will result in a warning

2. Do NOT call people names...Doing so, will result in a caution (Telling you to stop) after two of those, we warn you.

3. Three warnings and you get a ban for a week, two bans and you get a two week ban, three and it's perma ban...if you get banned and make new accounts, we IP BAN you...and YES, I know HOW to do that >3 Bring it.

4. No, I repeat, NO inappropriate images, or words. Having these will result in a warning, or in some cases, INSTANT BAN!

5. If you try to hack the system, the system hacks you!
It's called a BAN. For real.

6. Dissing someone's religion is NOT allowed...No mocking Buddhism, Christianity, or anything! Atheism is a religion, in this case, and should not be insulted =/

7., like, 2 word posts... =/ TRY to make it at least 5 words...

8. If I catch you doing something bad, you're dead.

9. Advertising is fine, but ONLY if I give you permission, and it HAS to be 10+ appropriate.

Edit by orange: If the staff tells you to stop doing something, stop. Otherwise prepare to be warned.
Ooo~ TouchE~
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Basic Rules
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