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 Kh enters Big Brother 1

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PostSubject: Kh enters Big Brother 1   Kh enters Big Brother 1 EmptyMon Feb 25, 2008 9:41 am

Ok…PEOPLE! You all know big brother on channel 10? It’s basically a reality TV show where some people go into a house and they can’t make contact with the real world…For those people who don’t know about BB (Big Brother) and Friday Night Live is when they play games and the winner revives a trophy and the power to change nominations!...And they vote each other out…This is gonna be fun…Oh and the Ninja’s set up everything in FNL (Friday Night Live)…And Ginger Ninja has ginger hair…
Well I decided to put the Organisation through the same terror…*Evil Laugh*

Its Very Long so beware
Now…The Organisation are in the house…Tifa Lockhart is the host…Sora, Riku and Kairi are the Friday night live host’s…Cloud can be Ginger Ninja!…And everybody else can be plain Ninja’s!...Ok…LET THE SHOW BEGIN

“This Is Big Brother 2008, Please welcome your host…Tifa Lockhart!!” A voice said. Tifa walked down a set of stair’s and onto the stage.
“Hi and welcome to Big Brother 2007!” she said. The crowd cheered, as the Camera Ninja moved around and filmed the crowd, some waved.
“This year Big Brother has a few tricks up his sleeve! And there may be Intruder’s among other things!” Tifa said. “But now it is time to meet our first housemate!” The camera Ninja moved around filming the roaring crowd. He filmed a familiar man with long silver hair and a cloak on.
“Please welcome Xemnas to the stage!” She said as he walked down the little isle.
“Hi” He said.
“Welcome to BB 07…Are you Exited?” Tifa asked
“Not really” Xemnas said flatly.
“Ok then…Go down the path to the golf buggy and enter the house!” She said. Xemnas walked down the isle. One ninja blindfolded him and led him to the buggy.
“Well, While Xemnas is entering the house…Who wants to meet housemate number 2??” Tifa Asked. A cheer went around the room as Tifa signaled for silence.
“Well, our next house mate like to Burn things… He is the one and only…AXEL!!” She said. Axel walked down the isle; He put out his hands so everybody could hi-five him. Some fangirls squealed and fought over who got to hi-five Axel. In the End a girl called Sonja (SonYa) got to Hi-Five him. He smiled at her. Axel walked onstage.
“Welcome Axel, Are you exited about entering the house??” She asked.
“Yep! I can’t wait!” he said. The camera Ninja got a close up on Axel. His face showed up on the big screen behind Tifa and Axel. The crowd went wild. Some girls put up signs saying thing like
‘We Love You Axel!!’…or
‘Go Axel!!!’
“Well…Now it is time to enter the house!” Tifa said. Axel jumped into the buggy.
“Shall we see Xemnas go in the house?” She asked the Crowd. A Big cheer went up and on the big screen appeared a big house.
“Before we do Lets take a tour of the house!!” Tifa said. A Ninja went to a mirror and waved. He happened to be Ginger Ninja.
“GINGER NINJA!!” the crowd chanted. He led them around the backyard. There was a little gym and a pool. In a corner there was a spa and mirrors lining the wall. There were a few Table and chairs as well.
“Now remember, Behind every Mirror is a camera!” Tifa said. Ginger Ninja went inside. He led them around the kitchen. It had a stove, an oven a fridge and a bench to prepare stuff. He went to the bedroom; it had 16 beds, some double, and most single. There were two doors, Girl bathroom and Boy bathroom… in the boy bathroom, a sink to shave and brush teeth, a shower and in a separate room, the toilets, and in the girl’s the same. He went to the Living room where there was a Blue Lounge and a TV; there was a door to the diary room, which had a chair to sit on when you wanted to talk to BB. The camera went back to the door in the backyard and Xemnas entered the house. He looked around then sat on a chair near the pool. Axel walked through the big doors. He looked around and saw Xemnas
“Hey Mansex” He said. Xemnas got up and drew his lasers.
“Say that again…I will chop your head off” Xemnas said.
“Yes sir” He said and backed away. Unfortunately he backed into the pool.
“AHHH!!!” he screamed “Oh wait. I can just portal out...” He said portaling out of the pool.
Tifa smiled as she watched Axel.
“Ok…onto housemate number 3!!” She said “The one and only…Evilest chick ever know to man…JASONIX!!” She said.
Jasonix ran down the isle smiling and waving at the fanatic crowd, and hi-fived Tifa when she reached the stage.
“Hi Jasonix, Are you exited about entering the house?” She asked.
“Heck yes! I’m reeling to go!”
“Anyone in the crowd you’d like to say final farewells to?”
“Ah, yeah sure… BYE SONJAAAAAAA!!!”
“And who is Sonja?? A close friend?”
“Erm, no… She’s my somebody.”
“Ohhhh… Well in you go!!!” Jasonix ran down the isle and practically tipped over the golf buggy by the force of her jump. The crowd laughed.

Jasonix walked through the large double doors into the backyard.
“Well, well, if it isn’t Mansex. How nice to see you again, dear uncle.” she said.
Axel’s mouth dropped open
“Well….If it isn’t Jasonix…” Mansex said.
“You…Have…A….Niece!!!!...?” Axel said with a puzzled look on his face.
“Sadly yes…And she is more evil than I am” Xemnas said. He walked into a corner and rolled into a ball. He stayed there.
“Hello. Who are you?”

Tifa laughed slightly.

And that concludes Chapter one! Chapter two...More people will enter the house!!!

Tifa was smiling.
“Well, Our next house mate is the rock start of all nobodies, DEMYX!!” Tifa said. Demyx came walking down the isle, putting his hands out for people to hi-five. He walked onstage.
“Hey Tifa!” He said
“Hiya Demyx, Exited??” She asked him
“Err…YES!!” He said happily. He jumped into the buggy. The ninja drove him to the house. The bug doors opened. He walked in and saw Jasonix
“Hey, Who are you?” He asked
“Jasonix” She said poking Xemnas. Demyx walked over to Axel.
“Hiya” He said
“Hi Dem” Axel said.

“Well, Our next house mate has spiky golden hair, lovely keyblade’s and cute little blue eyes, none other than……ROXAS!!!!” Tifa yelled out. Roxas ran out onto the isle. He put his hands out. He stopped at a girl with long brown hair and brown eyes and kissed her on the cheek. She blushed.
“See ya in the house Jamie…” He said to her

Ok here im gonna do something outta the story…Newsflash in different colours…Jamie is my real name!!!!…………

Tifa smiled and shook Roxas’s hand as he came onstage.
“Hey Roxas, You gonna miss anybody when your in the house?” Tifa asked him
“Im gonna miss Jamie…Axel is in the house right?...Well he has a girlfriend…Her name is Sonja..” Roxas said brightly.
“Time for your journey into the house” Tifa smiled, pointing to the golf buggy. Roxas ran over to the buggy and jumped in, it set off.
“Well, Roxas is off, now to meet our next housemate….LARXENE!!!” Tifa yelled. Larxene ran down the isle onstage. She smiled at Tifa.
“Hey Tifa!” She said.
“Hiya!” Tifa Replied.
“I wonder who is in the house already?...” Larxene muttered.
“Well…Go in and find out!” Tifa said. Larxene jumped onto the golf buggy labeled ‘Larxene’
The house came onto the big screen. The big honey colored doors opened. Roxas walked in. He ran up to Axel
“Hey Axel!!” He said happily.
“Roxas!” Axel said. They sat at a table talking about Xemnas’s nickname, Mansex.
The doors opened and Larxene entered
“Hey everybody!!” She said. Jasonix walked up to her
“Who are You?” She asked.
“Im Larxene, Number 12 or Organization XIII” She said.
“Well, Im Xemnas’s niece” Jasonix said smiling, “Nice to meet you”
“He…Has…A…Niece?” Larxene said, Her mouth wide open.
“Yup…And she’s more evil than me” Said a gloomy voice. Xemnas was still in the corner…Larxene Rolled her eyes, sat down and had a drink of water.


I did this a LLLOOONNNGGGG time ago.
I'll write more If You want.
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Kh enters Big Brother 1
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